5 Facts About T-Shirts That You'll Be Amazed

by Spoondash Etsy on Aug 08, 2022

Facts About T Shirts
T-shirt is a type of clothing that can be worn in summer and winter, sold with or without print, worn by fashionistas with pleasure and loved for decades around the world. This genre has produced different and surprising information in itself.

5 facts about t-shirts, we prepared for you.

1-) Which is the biggest t-shirt in the world?

The world's largest t-shirt is in Qatar. Qatar Petroleum Corporation paid a large sum to create a 3,516.25-square-foot T-shirt that is 72.2m long, 48.7m wide and weighs 6 tons.

Biggest T Shirt

2-) Registration of Wearing T-Shirts at the Same Time

The most t-shirts worn at the same time were recorded in Sanath Bandara from Sri Lanka and entered the Guinness Book of Records. This number is 257.

3-) Where did the word T-shirt come from?

The word T-shirt was first used in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary prior to the invention of this outfit.

4-) When did the t-shirt become popular?

In the past, people did not prefer an outfit like a t-shirt. However, it became popular when Hollywood's famous artists Marlon Brando and James Dean started wearing these outfits.

James Dean T Shirt

5-) Which is the most expensive t-shirt in the world?

As of today, the most expensive t-shirt sold in the world is a model sold by the French company Hermes. This model is worth $91,500.

Most Expensive T Shirt