What should we pay attention to when buying t-shirts?

by Spoondash Etsy on Aug 05, 2022

What should we pay attention to when buying t-shirts?

We all have dozens of T-shirts in our wardrobe. Our plain white, colorful, polo-collar t-shirts are among our savior outfits as they can be easily combined with many outfits. We try to achieve a sporty elegance by choosing the most suitable ones among polo collar, V-neck, 0-collar, boat neck t-shirts, basic t-shirts, printed t-shirts, plain white t-shirts and striped t-shirts. , blue and black t-shirts. Especially in summer, t-shirts that we can wear inside blazers and cardigans or prefer over jeans or long skirts will be the savior parts of your daily style.So, What should we pay attention to when buying t-shirts?

Have you ever thought about what you should pay attention to when choosing a t-shirt?

1) If you are overweight, you should stay away from very tight t-shirts.

2) V-neck, U-neck t-shirts make you look thinner than you are and draw attention with your beautiful neck.

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3) O-neck t-shirts show more volume.

4) Your shoulders look wider thanks to the boat neck t-shirts.

5) In order to be healthy when buying t-shirts, you should choose lycra t-shirts with high cotton content and low polyester ratio.

6) T-shirts are one of the most important parts of our closet, instead of a T-shirt that will deteriorate in one or two washes, try to buy quality ones so that you can have that quality style that we all want.

7) When buying a t-shirt, you should pay attention to the size of the t-shirt. The t-shirt you choose should not be at hip level or too short. When you sit in the middle of the hip and belly area, choosing t-shirts where your waist is not visible will make you look more stylish.

8) Another point to be considered while buying a T-shirt is that the sleeve part fits perfectly. If the sleeve part of the t-shirt you choose is too narrow or too loose, it will not create a beautiful image.

9) Light-colored t-shirts are much more suitable in terms of not attracting the sun.

By paying attention to our suggestions, you can easily choose the t-shirt model that suits your style. Please click to reach our stylish t-shirt models.</span></pre>