Which Shirts Should We Wear To Look Slimmer?

by Spoondash Etsy on Aug 10, 2022

Which Shirts Should We Wear To Look Slimmer?

Unfortunately, many people nowadays have weight problems. However, even if it is not, it is very important to look thin and fit, so thin-looking shirts are curious. So which shirts should we choose to look slim?

Looking slimmer is also very important to carry clothes and shirts better. To give a few tips;

- The T-shirt you choose should be the same color as your pants.

- Prefer loose shirts

- Plain and striped t-shirts also make you look slim.


- If you are going to buy a colored t-shirt, it must be printed.

- Leather Colored shirts make you look weak.

- Do not choose clothes that are too tight.

- You can choose fabric structures such as silk, cashmere.

- Carry large bags with your outfit.

- Shirts you wear with long necklaces and scarves will make you look slimmer.