How to Wash Printed T-Shirt?

by Spoondash Etsy on Oct 24, 2022

How to Wash Printed T-Shirt?

Printed t-shirts are one of the clothing products that you can reflect your style and taste. A band you love, a movie you watch, or an aphorism that impacts your life; With printed t-shirts, you can carry the things that are valuable to you with you. Since the prints on such t-shirts are added to the t-shirt later, care should be taken not to damage the prints during washing.

For this reason, when washing your printed t-shirts, you should first pay attention to the washing instructions on the label of the t-shirt. There is no washing instruction on the label of your t-shirt, and if you are not sure at what temperature and at what degree you should wash your t-shirt, you can find out by reading the rest of the article.


At How Many Degrees Are Printed T-Shirts Washed?

Printed t-shirts should not be washed frequently to maintain print quality, so if you wash your t-shirts when they really need to be washed, you can prevent the prints from aging. Before washing your printed T-shirts, separate your white and colored printed T-shirts from each other and wash them separately. Bring your machine to the temperature in accordance with the washing instructions on the label of your printed t-shirt. If there is no washing instruction on the label, you can wash your t-shirt at 30 degrees or in a cold wash program. In your detergent preference, choose separate detergents for whites and colours. After completing the preliminary preparations, turn your t-shirt over and place it in the machine.

Before washing your t-shirt, you can soak it in a stain that requires pre-wash or you can choose to wash it in the pre-wash program of your machine. After the washing process is finished, you can dry your t-shirt in your dryer or hang it from your shoulders to dry. If you want to iron your t-shirt, make sure that the iron does not touch the printing part and iron this surface on the back of the t-shirt at low temperature. After these processes, your t-shirt will be ready to be worn.

How to Wash Printed White T-Shirt?

It is very important to pay attention to color separation when washing printed t-shirts and to wash each t-shirt together with clothes in similar tones. You should wash your white printed T-shirts together with white clothes. If you choose short programs and cold water options when washing your white printed t-shirts, the life of the t-shirt will be longer. Be careful not to use too much detergent when washing printed t-shirts, as the chemicals can damage the prints on your t-shirt. Hanging your t-shirt on a hanger immediately after washing is an important detail for the longevity of your t-shirt instead of the spin feature in the machines.

How to Iron a Printed T-Shirt?

Although T-shirt types are generally thought of as products that do not require daily ironing, an ironed T-shirt makes you look much more stylish and pleasant. In order to maintain the print quality of your printed t-shirts, you should pay attention to the small details while ironing so that you can use your t-shirt safely for many years. First of all, make sure that the soleplate of your iron is clean and free of limescale. A clean soleplate is essential so that you can iron your printed t-shirts without damage. While ironing, you should make sure that the printed T-shirt you are ironing is completely clean, ironing a dirty T-shirt will fix the dirt on the T-shirt. If your t-shirt is cotton, you can iron it while it is slightly damp. Don't forget to turn your shirt inside out while ironing. You can choose the temperature on the label for the ironing process, and you can extend the service life of your t-shirt by staying away from very high temperatures in your ironing process. Do not fold your t-shirt immediately after ironing, folding marks will appear on the folded t-shirts after ironing and your ironing process will lose its function. Instead, hang your ironed t-shirt on a hanger and put it in your closet and wait for the heat to dissipate for a while. After keeping your t-shirt out for a while, you can fold it and place it in your closet.