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T-Shirt Color Suggestion: Which one makes you look thin?

by Spoondash Etsy on Jan 04, 2023

T-Shirt Color Suggestion: Which one makes you look thin?

It is very important to look at colors as reflections of light. Colors appear when light is refracted. This shows that when we use the right colors, we can look thinner or heavier than we actually are. Looking slimmer is easy with a few little tips you need to know about colors. Colors are divided into warm and cold tones. warm colors; Yellow, orange and red and warm colors make you look fatter. Cool colors are blue, green and purple. Cool colors help to look slimmer.

When we think about which colors show weak, the first color that comes to our mind is black. Did you really think that navy blue could make you look thinner than black? You can look slimmer by using the navy blue color more often in your combinations.

Which of us does not like bright colors? Although we love bright colors, they can make us look a little overweight. For this reason, when we want to look weaker, we can prefer cold tones, that is, darker colors. Such as dark green, burgundy, anthracite and plum.

Another way to look slimmer with the combination you create is to use contrasting colors together. It's like choosing black in the high-weight region and white in the low-weight region. If there are excesses in your hip area, you can choose black or navy blue pants, and you can choose your shirt color as white. If you have excess upper body, you may prefer to wear a dark-colored blouse instead of a light-colored skirt or trousers.

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