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How to fold a T-shirt?

by Spoondash Etsy on Aug 24, 2022


Those who care about order and order want everything to be perfect. This includes their clothes. Folding a t-shirt is an issue that should not be ignored both in terms of closet layout and in terms of keeping the t-shirt on you when you are going to wear it. So how to fold a t-shirt?

It is very important that items made of fabric look neat and beautiful. Keeping clothes organized, especially t-shirts, is essential for ordering. T-shirt folding methods are a subject that is curious about those who are looking for a neat and practical method.


How to Fold a T-Shirt in Practical Way?

If you want your t-shirts to stand properly in your closet and look stylish on you, you can follow these steps to fold them;

  • Straighten the ironed t-shirt by spreading it on a flat surface, straighten it so that there are no protrusions at the top or bottom.
  • Fold a few inches of the t-shirt with the sleeves from the shoulder to the back. Then fold the arm in the opposite direction, outward. Use the same method for the other shoulder.
  • Make sure to fold pieces that are the same width from both shoulders. You should put these pieces together in the middle of the t-shirt. In other words, the pieces should come together at the neckline, you can see how right you are by looking at the collar. If the collar of the t-shirt runs equidistant from the middle to both sides, you have the perfect fit.
  • In this state, turn the shirt so that it is perpendicular to you and, holding the bottom, fold it one-third towards the collar. Holding the fold from the bottom, fold it towards the collar once more.
  • If the t-shirt is finished folding, turn the folded t-shirt upside down and check the distances once again.

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