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How Should You Choose Clothing According to Your Body Shape?

by Spoondash Etsy on Nov 10, 2022

How Should You Choose Clothing According to Your Body Shape?

Female body shapes include the regular triangle, also called inverted triangle, rectangle, pear shape, hourglass, and round or apple shape. Women should choose their clothes keeping these shapes in mind. Now let's examine how to choose clothes according to your body shape.

inverted triangle body shape

If you wear a top half that is wider than the bottom and your shoulders are wider than your hips, you usually have an inverted triangle body shape. You also probably don't have a lot of space between your waist and hips.

Avoid boat or bardot collars, large straps, halter tops, large shawl collars, and larger patterns on the top half. Instead, opt for pieces that accentuate your lower half, such as striped skirts or wide-leg pants.

rectangular body shape

You have a great body type for almost any pant. If you are in shape, you can emphasize your curves with tight pants that reveal your body. Mid-waist jeans are probably your best bet. Because they help you to highlight your waist more. Wear your jeans with a belt to add a little more emphasis to your waistline.

Body Shape

pear body shape

A triangular or pear-shaped body is defined by a wider lower half. Because of this, you likely have wider hips and thighs and a narrower upper half. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and JLo both have pear-shaped bodies.

In this body shape, you should draw attention to your upper area. You can do this by choosing tops that are printed and in brighter colors. Wider collars, such as the bateau neckline and sweetheart neckline, broaden the shoulders.

hourglass body shape

An hourglass shape is defined at the hips and shoulders of equal size and a well-defined waist. Marilyn Monroe is the most recognizable hourglass figure out there. With this body shape, you should highlight your waist. Because this area is the thinnest part of your body. With an hourglass shape, you want to avoid misshapen or loose clothing that will strain your frame and even look lumpy. If you want to be more modest or make your bust look smaller, you can opt for a bateau neckline or a round neckline and avoid high-neck tops such as a turtleneck.

apple body shape

The round body shape, also known as the apple body shape, is known for a larger upper body than a lower body without a defined waist. This body shape has a slim waist and great legs, but not prominent above the hips.

The easiest jeans for your body type are straight-leg jeans. Because while it highlights your wonderful legs, it also makes your waist stand out a little more. Opt for a looser sweater or top to balance a casual outfit. Two tight pieces at the top and bottom will make you feel unbalanced and heavy at the top as you miss the definition of your waist.

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