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Dress according to your body shape

by Spoondash Etsy on Sep 19, 2022

Dress according to your body shape

Do you know your body? If you think that your body shape is not that important in your clothing, you are wrong. The main characteristics that make up your body shape may be your genetics, weight, and diet. Clothing also plays a big part in this. Unless you know your size and wear appropriate clothing, you may look fat or disproportionate. Of course, we also know that no woman would want to look like this. Here are some tips for determining your body type:

Sand watch:
You can tell that you have an hourglass-shaped body from your thin waist and inversely your lower and upper body. If you have this type of body structure, you can use clothes that will highlight your fine lines. Or you can use clothes that fit your waist and then loosen up.

Body Shape

Pear shape:
If you have a pear body type, your lower body should stand out. You can also use waist cut dresses to keep the proportion.

Apple shape:
If this is your body type, it means no tummy tuck. You can emphasize your arms and legs. You can use loose and flowing clothes, and you can choose asymmetrical t-shirts.

If you have a curvy body type, you can use strapless dresses to highlight your shoulders and legs. You can also reveal your waist by using a thin belt or belt according to your preference.

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